It's all about networking...

Get networking ahead at Sport and iGaming 2011!
We know networking is hard work. So we're trying something new to help you discover and connect with potential partners. With that in mind, we bring you Shhmooze - a smartphone app that makes it quick and easy to:
- find useful, interesting people
- broadcast your professional profile to other event attendees
- privately contact the people you want to talk with face-to-face
Shhmooze works on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad & Android. It's free, and it takes just a minute to get started.
Find Sport and iGaming 2011 and check-in to the event you're at. Now people can see you – and you can see them. Found someone useful? Break the ice by 'waving' at them or sending them a message. And away you go!
Download Shhmooze now at
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